A fraternity dedicated to developing ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Truth, and Honor.


LEAD is Sigma Nu's award-winning ethical leadership development program. In alignment with Sigma Nu's continuing efforts "To develop ethical leaders..." we offer the LEAD Program as a tool to assist our membership in both gaining the knowledge and developing the skills and abilities needed to be an effective and ethical leader for life.


Pleding is intended to both educate, through the LEAD program, the candidate about Sigma Nu's history and tradition and encourage him to be a better person. Because Sigma Nu has taken a strong stand against hazing since our founding in 1869, we do not intend to as media portrays, "break" our pledges. However we do expect our pledges to act and perform in a manner congruent with chapter values .


Sigma Nu seeks to reward incoming leaders who share our common values. If you're a male, incoming freshman, please consider applying for the Virgil M. Hancher Scholarship. Please e-mail the completed form to the current recruitment chair no less than two weeks before the first day of classes.


Located less than a mile away from some of the most important areas of campus, our house is equipped with a full kitchen and dining room, billiards room, study area, weight room, and basketball court, among many other amenities. Across the street is a Cambus Stop and the university president's house.